According to our date of birth, each one of us is born with a specific Nahual (Mayan Energy Sign) and a group of energies that guide and influence our life (Mayan Chart). It works like a map that brings keys to navigate different aspects and stages. It reveals gifts, challenges, specific things to work with, and also gives a deeper understanding of what our soul came to experience in this life. 

 These 90-minute readings are soul-oriented and reveal this sacred information to understand and live within our own organic and cosmic biorhythm.


This package includes 3 readings: Two individual Mayan Birth Readings and a Relationship reading for the two people. The Relationship Mayan Chart will help understand the energies that influence a relationship with two people and discover what they have to learn or work together. It can be a relationship with a friend, a family member, a work partner, a love relationship, etc.


Note: I only do relationship readings if the two people already had an individual reading before, as we need to know ourselves first, before trying to understand the interaction with another person.